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Terms of Service only apply to NON-COMMERCIAL use commissions.
Terms are subject to change at any time.
Requesting a commission means you have read and agreed to these Terms of Service.


➤ I reserve the right to cancel a commission at any time. If for any reason your commission is cancelled, you will be refunded or partially refunded based on how much work is done.➤ I reserve the full rights to the image and its use/distribution unless otherwise agreed upon.➤ I reserve the right to share the artwork on my social media platforms. If you would like the commission to be private, please indicate in initial commission email.➤ All work is for personal use ONLY. You may not use the artwork for commercial use or redistribution in any way. I continue to reserve the rights to the artwork, you may not use it for any external projects (commercial or non-commercial).
If you are looking for something to redistribute, talk to me before commissioning.
➤ Commissions will generally be complete within 3-4 weeks, if not stated otherwise.➤ If you decide against having a design commission finished, I reserve the right to sell the design.➤ All pricing is in USD.➤ Additional charges may occur if the commissioner is unclear with instruction, requiring more than 3 revisions and 1 large revision.➤ Blockchain art is prohibited and I will not tolerate any distribution of my art in related technology.


➤ Commissions under $300+ must be paid fully upfront before I begin working. This will be via invoice on PayPal.➤ Commissions $300+, half of the full payment is required upfront before beginning work. This will be via invoice on PayPal.➤ Full payment must be paid upon confirmation of your mock up sketch before beginning the finalized product of your commission.➤ Please do NOT send payment personally. Invoice will be the only acceptable method of payment.➤ Refund Policy: If the commission has been cancelled by me or the client before the work has started, a full refund of the deposit will be issued.➤ If the commission is cancelled during mock up, refund will be determined based on progress, a case-by-case basis, and artists discretion.➤ Once the mock up sketch has been confirmed and I begin to work, cancellations will only be refunded up to 40% of total commission value. If I am past linework and have flat colour (70% finished), you will not receive a refund.


➤ Confirm if the desired commission style is open, and fill out the designated form for your commission.➤ Email or Discord DM me with the form and necessary details. Please provide clean character references, or written details for me to complete your idea. Be as clear and concise as possible.
(Discord: Chromajay#4787)
➤ After confirmation and acceptance of the commission, I will create a mock up of how the final product will look.➤ You may make changes as needed within 3 emails or notes. One list of changes in an email = 1/3 revisions.➤ Once mock up is finished, any additional fees will be added to the second half of your payment. Once final payment has been received, I will begin your finalized commission.➤ Expect finalized product within 3-4 weeks!


Allowed Content:➤ Humans and animal based humans.➤ Gore➤ Semi-NSFW➤ NSFW (18+ only)➤ Complicated designs (discuss with me before commissioning)
Disallowed Content:
➤ Ferals➤ Mecha➤ Extreme fetish➤ Characters depicted to be underage in sexual/suggestive related content.➤ Hateful content.**Disclaimer: By commissioning me for NSFW content, you agree that you are 18+.Please message me for examples of NSFW work, if available at this time.